4 Safe Sports for Children with Low Risk of Injury


It is extremely difficult to ensure your child’s safety nowadays. Trying to find a balance between the great curiosities of a child that seemingly can never be sated, what sports can guarantee his safety and finally what sports best aid in his neurophysiological development is not easy. I hope that I will be able to assist you in some way today, by providing a few safe sports that have lower risk of injury.

1) Chess

Alright, I threw this in here to mess with some of you (and good luck trying to get a toddler to play chess, hyuk!). Whether you think chess is a sport or not, do not fret as this matter is in great contention around the world as well. Some countries formally recognize chess as a sport, while some do not(and hence do not provide funding for them). To quell this debate, one needs to formally define what a sport is. Once that is done, then we will know whether chess is a sport or not.

kids playing chess
Regardless, chess is an extremely intellectually stimulating game that can even aid in the neurological development of your child. It is also (subjectively) fun, and if your child likes it, what is stopping you from letting him engage in it as a regular hobby? Chess has survived the passage of time, so let it survive your judgement.

2) Golf

Before you write this off as a rich-person sport or a boring sport, I want you to know that I agree with you on the latter matter. While golfing is incredibly boring to me(to be honest most sports are), I can understand and appreciate why people enjoy it. They must all be robots with no souls or personalities.

Kidding, kidding. Golfing is definitely a safe sport unless you start to use the clubs as weapons. The problem is finding a golf course in Singapore, unfortunately most of them are only available for use if you join a country club. One is publically available at Marina Bay though, so if golfing is your thing, head down there now! Just do not ask me to join you.

3) Pool

Okay, here is another sport or game that apparently drives people insane. To me, Pool is insanely fun, and also insanely safe, as long as you do not use cue stick as a bayonet. I do believe that people who are good at pool tend to have good hand-eye coordination, so I do urge children to play this to train their physiological skills.

The problem is finding a pool table that is size appropriate for children, considering that children are sometimes less than a metre tall. Cheap pool tables for children can be bought online for less than $50, which is already a low cost of entry compared to other sports. I would definitely say that this sport is probably for the older crowd.

4) Swimming

The pool needed for this activity cannot be bought for less than $50 I´m afraid. Swimming pools are publicly available in almost all community centres, and is one of the safest sports out there, provided safety measures are taken, and a watchful eye is placed on the children at all times.

boy swimming in a pool
Why do I say it is safe? If your child is wearing a life vest, which he should regardless of whether he knows how to swim or not, it is close to impossible for any accidents to happen unless someone intentionally hurts him. However even with swimming,child  injuries, and unfortunately sometimes even fatalities do occur. As long as an adult is keeping constant supervision on his child, and he is wearing a life vest, nothing wrong should happen, and if anything, your child can be rewarded with an extremely useful skill of being able to swim, provided someone teaches him.

For children with eczema or any eye conditions, do take note that your child probably should not enter the swimming pool. This is because chlorine is used to kill bacteria and keep the swimming pool clean, and can irritate the eyes or skin of someone who has a health condition. It can even change someone’s hair colour from black to blonde, though super unlikely. Chlorine is a bleaching agent, and has the potential when used in enough concentration to bleach an individual’s hair, even if it is midnight black.


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