Child Injuries in Singapore: Child Fractures & Pediatric Fractures

Child Injuries in Singapore: Child Fractures & Pediatric Fractures
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Accidents are common in childhood. Among these accidents, child fractures and pediatric fractures are even more common in Singapore. Usually child injuries are mild but sometimes they do require more evaluation. This is especially important in the young formative childhood years. in Singapore, parents need to be alert to these types of child injuries as child fractures and pediatric fractures can affect children severely while they are still in their growing stage.

Child fractures are common in Singapore

In Singapore, child Fractures and pediatric fractures can happen in many different ways. Many child fractures happen at their fingertips – for example in door slamming, getting fingers crushed in equipment or machinery. The other main reason for pediatric fractures in Singapore are falls and collisions during playtime or sports. Common fracture areas are the wrist, elbows, shin bone and ankles.

Pediatric Fractures in Singapore: Signs and symptoms?

Any injury sustained in a child requires adult attention. If you notice that any part of the bone seems out of its normal alignment the child should be brought immediately to an emergency room. This can occur even if there is no skin wound leading to the fracture. If the bones look fine and the child can move it, then ice the injured area and monitor the child.

It is important to note that not all child fractures are visually obvious nor do fractures always result in loss of mobility. An X-ray is the only way to know for sure if a bone is fractured or broken. Often there is also significant bruising and swelling, making it harder to see if the bones have been affected. Generally speaking, if pain, swelling or loss of movement persists, a doctor specializing in child injuries evaluation is needed.

Pediatric Fractures in Singapore: Hairline Fractures

A hairline fracture means that the fracture has not broken into separate pieces, as opposed to a complete fracture where the bone is broken in 2 or more pieces. Pediatric fractures can occur in the bone shaft, near the ends or in the joints.

Why are child fractures in Singapore dangerous?

Children’s bones have bands of softer cartilage near the ends of the bone. These parts are known as growth plates and they allow the bones to elongate and grow. Cartilage does not have calcium, hence it is softer and it is common for children to have fractures in this area. Injuries at the growth plate zone could affect the child’s bone growth. But at the same time many pediatric fractures in this area heal well without any deformities.

Seek a doctor for child injuries Immediately

Children heal quickly and most child fractures heal in less than a month. However if the child has  a growth plate fracture of if the bone is displaced and heals without being realigned, the child could develop a deformity. It is highly recommended to seek medical advice, preferably from a doctor experienced in child injuries like child fractures and pediatric fractures in Singapore. Don’t underestimate the need for a doctor when it comes to child injuries.

Typical treatment steps

  1. X-ray
  2. Casting or Splinting if fracture is suspected or present
  3. Surgery in more severe fractures to reset the fracture with a metal plate/pins to keep the bone in proper position
  4. Post-op X-ray to show that normal alignment has been stabilized

Get a good doctor for your child’s injuries

Dr Henry Chan is an experienced Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from HC Ortho in Singapore. His specialties as a doctor include child injuries especially child fractures and bone care.

According to his online profile, he is also actively involved in the training of the next generation of doctors and orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore. He is appointed the Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore as well as the core faculty of the orthopaedic residency program in National Healthcare Group (TTSH/ KTPH/ WH).

Review on Dr Henry Chan from DoctorXDentist

“Good thing we went to see Dr Chan because it turned out to be a mild displacement and fracture We didn’t realise back then but it could otherwise have affected his growth. Luckily my nephew is perfectly fine now and he actually remembers Dr Chan very fondly. I recommend Dr Chan as a doctor for child injuries (especially child fractures in Singapore) because he is jovial, calm and very good with kids!”

Dr Henry Chan’s  private practice clinic is located at #15-14 Mount Elizabeth Orchard Medical Centre SIngapore. T: 6732 8848


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