What to Expect After Liposuction Surgery?


What can one expect after a surgical procedure for beauty enhancement? Before jumping right to the topic, let’s first comprehend the purpose of Liposuction Surgery. Liposuction Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of stubborn fats in localized areas, resulting in better contours and body shapes. Ultimately, it should not be mistaken as a procedure to remove as much fats as possible, but rather to produce attractive contours on an individual’s body figure. Unquestionably, one will be curious to find out what to expect after the Liposuction surgery.

Recovery Process of Liposuction Surgery

After going through Liposuction Surgery, individuals will be required to wear an elastic compression garment for 2 to 6 weeks, while the body is healing. This reduces the chance of pain, bleeding and swelling after the surgery. Pain varies from person to person. During the recovery process, patients are usually advised to do light activity for weeks; get up and walk around slowly. If patients were to experience unfavorable symptoms such as increase in pain, they must report immediately to their respective doctors. Moreover, they are advised to drink adequate amount of water after the surgery. As the swelling goes down, individuals can evaluate the results of their Liposuction Surgery and assess whether they have attained their favourite body shape.

What are some risks?

In some cases, possible complications such as blood clots, skin discoloration, numbness, and fluid accumulation might form under the skin. These possible risks might increase if your surgeon is working on larger body surfaces or performing multiple surgical procedures simultaneously. In fact, talk to your surgeon about how to deal with such risks before the surgical procedure. Personal medical history, current medical condition(s) and existing medication(s) consumption will be reviewed subsequently.

Effectiveness of Liposuction Surgery

It is certain that individuals will see a decrease in fatty tissue in the respective treated area. As the fat is already removed from the area, it will not grow back. However, weight gain will lead to new fat cells, which will go to different areas of the body. It is also natural for the skin to become loose with aging, but Liposuction results will usually last long if the body is well taken care of. Thus, in order to maintain the desired body shape after Liposuction Surgery, it is essential for individuals to follow a good diet and exercise regularly.

Who is suitable?

In fact, anyone who seek to add some contours to the body or tighten their loose skin are suitable for the Liposuction Surgery. The most suitable candidate is recommended to be in good health, within the range of 25 pounds of his or her ideal body weight and contains significant number of fats that are ineffective to diet or exercise. However, certain individual group such as pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are discouraged from the surgical procedure.


Individuals must understand that Liposuction Surgery is not an absolute solution and has its own limitations. While it does remove unwanted body fats, it is not a long-term substitute for a toned body shape. Regular exercise and balanced lifestyle must be executed for the results to remain sustainable in the long-run.


In terms of the cost, we have managed to gather general findings; where the price of Liposuction Surgery ranges between S$1,400 and S$14,000, depending on the area. A bigger area like the tummy will certainly cost more than the arms, thighs or butt. Likewise, for general practitioners, the cost will be lesser as compared to a plastic surgeon; with better treatment, facility, equipment, medication, service staff and aftercare appointment.

Which plastic surgeons specialize in Liposuction Surgery?

There are many local remarkable plastic surgeons, but not many specialize in Liposuction Surgery. Here are some of our personal recommendations of highly reputable plastic surgeons known for their liposuction work in Singapore:

There are many local remarkable plastic surgeons, but not many specialize in Liposuction Surgery. Here are some of our personal recommendations of highly reputable plastic surgeons known for their liposuction work in Singapore:

  1. Dr Adrian of Illumia Plastic Surgery at Wheelock Place, Orchard
  • Pros
    • Great reviews
    • Steady hands
    • Reliable service
    • Convenient (in town, shopping mall)
  • Cons
    • Need to make appointment in advance as his schedule is always full
  1. Dr Colin Tham of Asia HealthPartners (Aesthetics) at Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road
  • Pros
    • Cheap price
    • Convenient (in town)
  • Cons
    • Heard that scarring takes a while to heal
  1. Dr Shenthilkumar of Shens Clinic at 3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1
  • Pros
    • Credible
  • Cons
      • Doesn’t seem interested in providing after-care
      • Abrupt service at times and doctor always seems to be rushed
      • Inconvenient
      • Costly

While there are some pros and cons gathered primarily and secondarily, you can always check the reviews personally to make a proper decision. If you have any enquiries to clarify such as the cost and complication(s), do book an appointment and visit the respective clinics during their opening hours.


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