When to See an Orthopaedic for Kids?


When to visit a doctor for kids injuries?

Apart from when a bone is sticking out of your child’s knee and is openly visible while he is hollering out in pain, it can be difficult to identify when is the appropriate time for you to see an orthopaedic for kids. The general advice is that anytime you suspect there is traumatic or repetitive motion injury to a joint, bone or nerve. However, here are some specific instances:

1) Long lasting pain is a good reason to see an orthopaedic for kids

child cryingIf your child has been complaining of this sharp pain in his knee that has not faded after a month or so, a visit to a kids injury doctor is necessary. If after applying cold packs (ice wrapped in cloth) to the affected area, no improvement was noticed, this is the best thing you can do. Especially with children, whose bodies are still in the development phase, any long lasting pain or swelling can be indicative of a deeper and more serious issue that needs to be dealt with urgently. The problem with most of these conditions is that they rarely heal just by leaving it alone and letting time pass. That is why it is crucial to find a trained and fully equipped specialist who will tackle the issue properly. If necessary, visit the emergency department of your local hospital.

2) See a doctor for kids injury when your child has restricted mobility

In case you didn’t already know, our arms can only bend up to 180 degrees. So when I talk about restricted mobility I obviously do not mean being unable to do a 360 degree bend (this monologue was meant to be a joke, by the way). If your child relays to you that his range of motion is limited, or you notice a pause in your child’s usual joyful stride, it is evident that something in his musculoskeletal system is malfunctioning. Assuming this is not due to acute trauma or muscle overuse, definitely make a consultation with an orthopaedic for kids at your local children hospital.

3) An orthopaedic for kids can spot when their movements are unstable


If your child feels constantly unstable and are unable to stand up straight, this is indicative of a problem with his musculoskeletal system. However, something worth pointing out is that this could be due to a neurological issue as well. Damage to the brain resulting from a head injury can lead to poor muscle-brain coordination. This can cause an individual to walk into walls or bump into other people. Whatever it is, only a kids injury doctor can formally assess and diagnose your small one. You can count that they will prescribe the right treatment and pain medicine. Both conditions are serious and need urgent medical attention, so please seek help as soon as possible. The first 24 hours to 48 hours are critical.

Additionally, remember the fact that your child is in his development phase, so it is possible some neurological disease due to his growth has occurred.

4) Severe pain is another reason to see an orthopaedic for kids

shoulder pain

You know when a wound is healing and there is a scab you should not pick at. Similarly, a bone or tendon that is recovering has a diminished ability to bear weight. Thus, applying extreme amounts of weight will not only impede the healing of your injury, but cause it to worsen as well. Any damage done to your musculoskeletal system should be subject to external pressure.

There is one significant difference between a cut and a bone injury, however, and that is the fact that the latter is much more subtle. It is difficult to distinguish between whether a bone injury will heal by itself if left alone, or whether the appropriate medical treatment is necessary before healing will begin. An orthopaedic for kids is educated about every muscle group and bone in a child’s body, so they will be able to help you make your decision.

5) Obvious deformity – See a Doctor for kids injury Immediately

deformed fingers

When it is painfully obvious that your offspring has a deformity, like length discrepancy, you should bring him to a doctor who handles kids injuries. It could be something small like having a finger that is slightly bent, or something as drastic as his leg pointing in a different direction. An orthopaedic for kids will be able to assess the situation and get X-rays (if necessary). They will discuss with you what options are available to correct the deformity. This can involve readjustment of the affected limb or simply letting it grow as it is. Heavy monitoring will ensure that no severe side effects occur in the meantime. The reason for the latter is that there are serious contraindications when it comes to performing a procedure on a child.

Which kids injury doctor should I see?

Handling your child’s injury is a delicate matter – seek treatment as soon as possible and don’t let things go out of hand. What is more, make sure you find a reliable and experience doctor for kids injury. Word of mouth is most reliable: ask around for a good pediatric in Singapore. You can then google for reviews to gain a rough assessment of the doctor’s experience and reputation. If you need a good and affordable doctor, check out or recommendations here.


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